WWE: Lita Returns to SmackDown and Says She Has One More Run Left

Tonight's SmackDown featured the return of a WWE legend in Lita, who hadn't been on the Blue Brand in quite some time. Michael Cole introduced her and she emerged to a huge reception by the crowd. Once she got into the ring the crowd started Lita chants, and she said it still gives her chills every time. Cole complimented her and also said that so many current superstars say that Lita inspired them, and asked why she decided to compete in the Rumble match. Lita said "Michael it's been a wild ride. I've got more career highlights than I can count. The first woman to main event Raw with my bestie Trish Stratus. Being the first woman involved in a TLC match" to name a few. "I would say most days I am fully satisfied with my career, until recently," Lita said.

"I didn't have the ability to compete in the women's Royal Rumble match, because we didn't have that. I don't know about you guys, but I think I've got one more in me. So I've got a plan, okay. I'm going to enter the Royal Rumble, overcome 29 other women, and main event WrestleMania," Lita said.

Then Charlotte Flair's music hit and she came out to the ring. Then she took the microphone and said she was going to interview Lita. She asked her how she was and then said whatever. "I didn't know it was Flashback Friday," Flair said. "Guys, the is so extreme, isn't that what you used to say? When I win, I get to win the Rumble match and pick my opponent." Then she threatened her a bit and said she can end her WrestleMania dreams.

Lita said "I heard about this version of Charlotte. Feels like we've got a real Tonya Harding on our hands. I'm just confused how you're going to throw someone over the top rope with that massive head you've got. Like, you could just tip over."

The crowd started chanting huge giant head, and Flair cut her off. Flair said, "it's really funny that you bring up your bestie Trish Stratus, because back at SummerSlam when she was bored and asking for relevance she asked for a match, and after that, she was so broken she retired, and at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, that is what I'm going to do to you."

Lita then hit her in the face and waved, and then she delivered a slam to Flair in the center of the ring. Flair crawled out after Lita left, and odds are there will be more fireworks between the two before Royal Rumble.

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