WWE's Liv Morgan Has Her Sights Locked on the Title and Wants Ruby Soho as a Royal Rumble Surprise

Tonight's Royal Rumble is shaping up to be quite the event, with two loaded Rumble matches on the card. In the Women's Rumble Match, 30 superstars are looking to earn a shot at the Raw Women's Championship, which will either be held by Becky Lynch or Doudrop after their match tonight. Regardless of who wins, Liv Morgan has proven herself against both competitors and was this close to being Champion already. ComicBook.com had the chance to speak to Morgan ahead of the Rumble, and to her, there is no "if" in regards to her winning, though we also talked about a few other things, including her love of Toad in Mario Kart and an AEW star she would love to shock everyone in the Rumble match.

"In my mind, I'm winning. In my mind, I'm a hundred percent winning this Royal Rumble and that means I get to go to WrestleMania and face Becky Lynch for that role of Champion, which is what I want more than anything in this entire world. I mean, it might be Doudrop. We'll have to wait and see what happens, who wins this title match," Morgan said. "But in my mind, I'm 100% winning the Royal Rumble. There's not a doubt in my mind about it. Which may be foolish, but that's how I feel. Yeah. That's how I honestly feel. I feel so different going into this Rumble than I've ever felt going into any other World Rumble match. And I've been in them all."

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Morgan has been in quite a few Rumble matches, but this time feels different. "Obviously, everyone wants to win the World Rumble match whenever they're in it. And I wanted to win it last year and the three years before that, but maybe I didn't fully believe that I could, and so I think that's a difference, is now that I believe that I could win the match. So it just puts so much more power behind it," Morgan said.

Morgan would have already won the Raw Women's Championship if not for Lynch getting an unfair advantage, with Morgan adding "She's a cheater." While the match didn't go Morgan's way, it did silence anyone who didn't think she could hang with the big dogs in WWE.

"Yeah. I feel like it just made people more of a believer. People believed in me because they liked me and they wanted me to win, but I feel like maybe a question of, can I hang, has always been there," Morgan said. "Can l main event? Can she be the Champion? And I like to think that my match with Becky kind of silenced that."

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Since there are still some surprises left in both Rumble matches, we wanted to know who Morgan's dream entrant would be from anywhere, and she had an idea that many would love to see.

"Oh my gosh. Wow. You made it so broad that I'm overwhelmed right now. Anyone in the world? I'm thinking Ruby Soho, I'm thinking Ruby Soho," Morgan said. "And I'm thinking like Rue from Euphoria. I know, I can't get my mind off Euphoria. I'm so obsessed."

Seeing Soho back in a WWE ring would be amazing, as it would reunite part of the Riott Squad, so fingers crossed it happens.


Morgan has big plans for 2022, and not just in the ring, as she's also started acting classes and is looking to take on Holywood. "Yeah. I just want to continue to achieve my best. Obviously I want to win the Rumble. I want to go to WrestleMania. I want to be Champion, but I want to cut amazing promos. I want my in-ring work to improve. Today is my first acting class. Right after I'm done here. So I'm excited about that, which I feel like will up my game in every aspect. I would love to maybe earn a role on a film or a TV show this year. I would love ShopLiveMore to stay busy too. I would die if I got on Euphoria. I'm also positioning to be on Chucky Season Two. I would be happy to just, I'm going to be happy with any role anyway. It's all a learning experience, but I would love to do something that I truly enjoy. I feel like it would make it easier and more fun for me."

You can watch Morgan in the Royal Rumble match right now on Peacock and you can see her every week on Monday Night Raw.

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