Watch: Matt Hardy Explains Why He Left WWE

Shortly after he premiered the final episode of "Free The Delete" and hinted at joining All Elite Wrestling, Matt Hardy appeared on Wednesday's edition of Busted Open Radio with David LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer. During the interview Hardy was asked about why he left WWE, opting to not sign a new contract with the company ahead of Monday's expiration date. The multi-time former tag team champion had spent a large chunk of 2019 off television, and stated that he and Vince McMahon were in different places creatively.

"I am very grateful, as I've said in my videos, 'Thoughts from the Throne,' that I announced my contract had expired," Hardy said. "If it wasn't for Vince McMahon giving me an opportunity 20-plus years ago, I wouldn't have had this life that I have. So I will always be grateful for that. Even if there's things later on that we didn't see eye-to-eye on, it is what it is, that's business.

"When it comes to Vince and the WWE in some feels, I've kind of aged out. And I think my brand of entertainment and the way I feel like I have to be utilized isn't one of their priorities. And that's fine and I get that. I understand that, and that's no issue," he continued, adding that he was happy he was given the opportunity to come back.

He concluded — "Nothing against them, it was just time for me to go somewhere else where I want to maximize and optimize my creativity."

Hardy mentioned in his announcement video on Monday that he plans on returning to WWE eventually for a WWE Hall of Fame induction.


"I am positive that am some point I will definitely be home, back with WWE once again," he said. "I mean, I think there's definitely a WWE Hall of Fame ring waiting on myself and my brother. But I think right now, I need to weigh all my options, I need to see what all's out there, and I need to see what is going to be the perfect environment for Matt Hardy to maximize these next few years of my career. And really give me a creative canvas to paint my masterpiece, because that is what I want to do right now."