WWE's Retribution Takes A Page From DC's Bane

The new team of wrestlers known as Retribution has stormed their way into the ranks of World Wrestling Entertainment, and while their masks are strikingly similar to that of The Dark Knight Rises' Bane, it seems as if the group of brawlers is taking things a step further by incorporating the motif into their social media accounts! With the members of Retribution being made up of a hodge podge of professional wrestlers and personalities within the WWE, this new form for these cast of characters has definitely garnered the attention of fans of the top wrestling organization in the world today.

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Retribution faced off against the Hurt Business, with the male wrestlers of the new "movement" squaring off against Bobby Lashley, Shleton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander. Immediately following the match, the trio of Retribution members were joined by a veritable onslaught of other masked members, beating dow the "Business", only to they themselves be interrupted by current WWE champion in Drew McIntyre. Of course, the spectacle wasn't done at this point as Randy Orton jumped into the fray and got in a quick couple hits in preparation for his re-match with McIntyre at Clash of the Champions. While Retribution hasn't been given an official match at the upcoming Pay Per View Event, we wouldn't be surprised to see them interfere!

Retribution tweeted from their Official Twitter Accounts, making clear references to Bane's character from The Dark Knight Rises, which saw the Batman villain portrayed by legendary actor Tom Hardy:

While the future of Retribution is hazy, we're looking forward to seeing how the team continues to evolve in the upcoming episodes of Smackdown, Raw, and the wrestling organization's upcoming pay-per-view events!

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