WWE NXT Teases Mystery Return at Halloween Havoc

Tonight's NXT started off with a match that held ramifications for Halloween Havoc, as NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Joe Gacy and thus made sure he wouldn't be involved in Ciampa's upcoming match against Bron Breakker. Right after that match, there was another Halloween Havoc ripple effect, as a spooky vignette played and showed someone at a gravesite digging a grave. The voice of the person at the center of it was masked by a program, and it was hard to make out who it was physically thanks to the filters and the camera's focus on the boots and shovel.

The caption to the mysterious video hones in on the video's main focus, which was to announce that th person behind it is attempting to bury the past so they can start again. The mission statement goes well with the whole graveyard imagery and ties in perfectly with Halloween Havoc.

You can see a snippet of the clip in the post above.

As for who it could be, my first thought is Ember Moon. Moon was previously in a Tag Team with Shotzi Blackheart but then Blackheart was moved from NXT to SmackDown, breaking that team-up. Then Moon went on a bit of a losing streak, with losses in NXT and 205 Live. Most of the times we've seen her she's mentioned how something needs to change and that she needs to change, so this would be a natural fit for the whole burying the past angle in the video.

Could we see a heel Moon or perhaps an edgier Moon in NXT 2.0 moving forward? That might happen, though we could also see someone else returning or receiving a reinvention. We'll have to wait and see.

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