Watch: R-Truth Reveals His Reaction to Being Split From Carmella, Plans for the WWE 24/7 Title

Back in mid-October the WWE made it a point of emphasis during the 2019 WWE Draft not to break up any tag teams as stars were divided up between the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown rosters. Unfortunately that came with one major exception, as the comedic duo of R-Truth and Carmella was split apart as the latter was sent to the Blue Brand while Truth stayed on Raw. The pair had dominated the 24/7 Championship picture in the months prior, and fans were utterly crushed to see the two part ways.

In a new interview with on Monday, Truth gave his thoughts on his time working with the former SmackDown Women's Champion.

"Man, it just blossomed," Truth said. "It was like a hand in a glove, man. It worked out. She's very creative. A lot of the ideas we were doing was hers. That's in-ring and out of the ring. She very creative, very talented.

"We were just funny and entertaining together and the fans bought into it, and they liked the pairing of us," he added. "It was just like, that cool guy and that cool girl, that was just like that we were friends. We were like partners. Pals. Chums. We made all those words mean something."

Truth said he was "heartbroken" when he heard the news, then revealed in his first match after the split he accidentally started rapping their entrance song on the way to the ring.

"I had one match without Carmella, and I went out, Vince wanted me to rap that night," Truth said. "Sometime I rap for the house. Sometime I rap live. But I ended up rapping me and Carmella's song. [But] She wasn't there. And I had to, like, creatively, lyrically, change to where nobody could tell I was rapping a different song, and Carmella was supposed to say this part of it.

"I saw her at the pay-per-view, at Survivor Series, and we just hugged each other," he added. "We miss each other. It's still there."

Carmella was a big reason why Truth managed to rack up 23 reigns as 24/7 Champion. The 47-year-old veteran recently broke 100 combined days with the title, and says he's still got plenty of ideas for the title.


"You're giving me an idea now," Truth said. "So like, how ridiculous, or how ridiculously funny or entertaining, whatever the words may be, that I could be, like, [a] 50-, 70-, 80-, 100-time champion? You know what I'm saying? Nobody's ever done that in the world, right?"

Truth will look to keep his latest reign going on this week's Monday Night Raw, which takes place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The show starts at 8 p.m. ET on the USA Network.