Watch: Baron Corbin, Ricochet and Samoa Joe All Advance to King of the Ring Semifinals on WWE Raw

The next two matches in the King of the Ring tournament took place during Monday Night Raw this week, but a controversial finish resulted in three men advancing to the semifinals next week

The first quarterfinal match featured Cedric Alexander vs. Baron Corbin. Alexander entered the match with an injury, as he had been attacked backstage earlier in the night by The O.C. Despite putting up a valiant effort, he was no match for Corbin once the big man hit him with the End of Days.

But then the shenanigans started with the next match between Samoa Joe and Ricochet. Late in the bout Joe jumped up to the second turnbuckle and locked in the Coquina Clutch before Ricochet had the chance to dive off the top rope. Ricochet appeared to be out, but in one last gas he pushed himself off the top rope and caused both men to crash to the mat. Since each man had one arm draped over the other, referee John Cone counted a double pinfall.

Corey Graves approached Cone backstage to ask what his ruling was. Before he got the chance to speak, Corbin interrupted and said because both men got pinned, he had a free bye to the finals. Cone disagreed, saying that both Joe and Ricochet would advance in the tournament.


The Raw semifinals will take place at Madison Square Garden on the Sept. 9 episode of Raw. The episode is particularly noteworthy given it's the first time in a decade WWE has brought Raw to the "World's Most Famous Arena."

Over on the other side of the bracket Ali will take on Elias, while Chad Gable faces Andrade. Both of those matches will take place on Tuesday night's episode of SmackDown Live.