Watch: Becky Lynch Cuts an Epic Promo After Being Blinded by Asuka on WWE Raw


Becky Lynch and Asuka held the contract signing for their Raw Women's Championship match at the Royal Rumble during this week's Monday Night Raw, and like most contract segments it wound up ending in chaos. The two kept things brief before signing on the dotted line, but then Asuka stunned "The Man" by spewing green mist directly into her eyes. After screaming in pain and having trainers try to flush the mist out with water, Lynch demanded someone hand her a microphone. Even with her eyes mostly closed, Lynch cut a passionate promo about her need to beat Asuka, the one woman who has had her number ever since she rose to stardom.

"When they give you money, when they give you praise, the awards, the acclaim, it's a poison for someone who fights for a living and my veins are full of it," Lynch said. "Asuka you are hungry and angry and I have been happy and content. you are the most dangerous woman that I have ever faced, and I have tried to find an anger to defend myself against you. But Asuka when somebody puts their hands on me, they arise a badness in me. So I don't care if they've tried to erase you. I don't care if they've tried to hide you from me. I don't care if I'm walking into the buzz saw, because at the Royal Rumble if I have to go down again I'm going down swinging. But I swear to god, I'm taking you with me.