Watch: Here's Where Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House Puppets Appeared on WWE Raw

If you paid close attention during Monday Night Raw this week, you may have noticed a few familiar faces popping up in the background of a couple of camera shots. As numerous fans pointed out on Twitter, both Abby the Witch and Mercy the Buzzard from Bray Wyatt's "Firefly Fun House" appeared during the show, continuing to buildup to Bray Wyatt's return under his new gimmick.

The first came when The Miz was seen walking backstage towards the ring for his Miz TV segment.

Later on in the night WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was shown getting ready for his match against Sami Zayn. The commentators didn't point it out, but Mercy managed to pop his head out behind Kingston.

Though his "Firefly Fun House" segments have aired every week on both Raw and SmackDown over the last couple of months, Wyatt has not physically appeared on WWE television since August 2018. During his segments Wyatt has come off as a somewhat friendly children's television show host, only to reveal his demonic alter ego in "The Fiend."

Horror film special effects icon Tom Savini's production team was behind Wyatt's new look, and director Jason Baker directed each of Wyatt's pre-taped segments.


"That man is... what's that old saying? The razor's edge between genius and insanity? And that man walks that razor's edge constantly," Baker said of Wyatt in an interview back in April. "Very, very smart. Smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. Great to collaborate with. You think you're gonna throw an idea at him, he comes back with eight. You think you're gonna hit him up with a piece of trivial knowledge, he'll hit right back. He'll see your trivial knowledge and then raise ya. He is a unique, unique human being. Its been an absolute pleasure and an honor to get to collaborate with this gentleman — with someone who just puts such a thought process into his craft."

Prior to his hiatus from television, Wyatt worked as a babyface and tag team wrestler alongside "Woken" Matt Hardy. During his time away, Wyatt and girlfriend JoJo Offerman gave birth to their first child, Knash, back in May.