Liv Morgan Claims She's Been in a Relationship With Lana, Crashes Her Wedding Alongside Rusev

The wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley was ruined on this week's Monday Night Raw, but the reasons for it could fill a decade's worth of soap opera drama. The wedding was first interrupted by a man claiming to Lana's first husband, saying that the two got married when she turned 18 but that she left him for Rusev. Lashley tossed him out of the ring, only to then be interrupted by a man claiming to be his first wife. Lana slapped her off the apron, then yelled at the minister to continue the ceremony. Then things took a shocking turn.

Suddenly Live Morgan, who had been teasing her return to WWE television for weeks, appeared on the entrance ramp and started ranting about how the love of her life was in the ring. She revealed that she was talking about Lana, claiming that the two had been in a relationship earlier this year.

Lana viciously attacked her and the two brawled for a bit before Lana finally got her out of the ring. The minister's last attempt to marry the two was interrupted by Rusev, who popped out of the giant cake that was in the ring.


Together Rusev and Morgan attacked Lashley and Lana, smearing their faces with cake to end the show.