WWE's Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston Reveal Awesome Power Rangers Gear on Raw

You always love to see franchise crossovers in WWE, and tonight was one of the coolest examples in recent memory. It was all thanks to The New Day's Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, who along with Big E have dazzled fans with amazing pop-culture-themed gear in the past. Their latest creation was from Main Event Gear, which crafted two awesome Power Rangers-themed pieces of gear based on the White Ranger and the Green Ranger. Woods took on the role of the White Ranger, while Kingston took on the Green Ranger, and they didn't skimp on the quality either, as both of these are as shiny and bold as the Ranger suits from the show.

The jackets can be worn either loose or zipped up, and you can see all the familiar elements from the show represented on the suits, including the Dragon Shield. The gear also includes fully Ranger-themed boots and gloves, and there's a shimmering effect across all of the material.

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That said, the best part might just be that Wood's trusty trombone Francesca also got a Power Rangers makeover, with a sleeve or skin that was made to look like Saba, and it really completes the look.

You can check out the slick new gear in the post above, and now the question is, will Big E debut some Ranger gear of his own on SmackDown this week? I mean, he would make an awesome Ranger, and if we're keeping the Tommy theme, he could always go Red Zeo or Black Dino Thunder.

Oooh, you know, that last one I think sold me, so yeah, let's hope for that one. Fingers crossed.

The New Day is known for their amazing gear, and the last time they surprised everyone was when they celebrated their inclusion in Gears of War with COG-themed gear. They each had their own COG armor, decked out in the blue, pink, and yellow New Day colors, and they had Lancers too.

Before that they debuted Mortal Kombat themed gear as well as Final Fantasy gear, and Dragon Ball was also something they featured a while back. They are some of the best at bringing their franchise loves into the ring with them, and we can't wait to see what they do next.


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