WWE Renames The Club The O.C. at WWE Raw Reunion

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson officially reformed The Club at the start of July when Styles turned heel and joined his former tag partners in beating down Ricochet at the end of a Monday Night Raw episode. The trio appeared at the Raw Reunion special episode this week, where they debuted a new name for their faction — The O.C.

As Styles explained in an interview with The Wrap earlier in the day the letters seem to stand for "Only Club," clearly referencing the Bullet Club faction from New Japan Pro Wrestling that all three were apart of at one time.

"We are the Official, we are the Original, we are the Only Club that matters. We are now and forever The O.C.," Styles explained.

Styles explained elsewhere in the interview that the offer is on the table for another former Bullet Club member (and leader) Finn Balor to join the group.

"I mean, we'll have to see where he stands. We're not exactly liked right now," Styles said. "Does he want to be not liked? I don't know. I don't know where it's going to stand. He will always have an invitation, but who knows if it's going to happen."


In a separate interview with Sporting News that also dropped this week, Styles promoted the idea of having The O.C. take on The Undisputed Era from NXT. The two groups traded verbal barbs last week, building up excitement for a potential faction war.

"Bring 'em up! Whatever we gotta do to get eyes on our television, that's what we need to do," Styles said. "I would love that. I know those guys. I know them very well. So, let's do this. But it's got to be timed right. I can't just be out of nowhere. You want people to come see it, so the timing is everything. You just don't want to throw it out there."

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