WWE Reveals When Brock Lesnar Will Return to SmackDown

Tonight's SmackDown featured a Battle Royal to determine who would be the next title contender for Roman Reigns, and while. it took a few interesting twists and turns towards the end (including a winner being named only for them to be thrown out), it would end up being Sami Zayn taking the victory. He really didn't get to celebrate though, as before long Kayla Braxton came in with a surprise announcement that Brock Lesnar's indefinite suspension had been lifted, and the Beast would be returning to WWE on a future SmackDown. As for when, turns out he'll be back next week, and Reigns, Heyman, and Adam Pearce all looked shocked at the news.

All night long Braxton was asking around after she heard talk of Lesnar's suspension being lifted. She would ask Pearce, and he looked immediately shaken up when Lesar was brought up. After recalling being hit with two F-5s after Lesnar went off on a cameraman, Pearce collected himself.

He then told Braxton that he would be very surprised if Lesnar's suspension was lifted anytime soon, and called him a menace. He also said he hadn't heard anything about Lesnar's return, and when Braxton confronted Paul Heyman he didn't have any new news to offer up either.

Even Reigns took a few shots at Lesnar during his opening promo on tonight's SmackDown, which is probably why he wasn't so thrilled to learn Lesnar is returning so soon. Lesnar was pretty angry the last time he was on SmackDown, which came after losing to Reigns at Crown Jewel, though Reigns had help from not only Heyman but also The Usos in that win. Heyman tossed the Universal Championship between them in the ring, and it is unclear who he was trying to get it to.

Lesnar got it first but then The Usos came down to help their leader out, and Reigns ended up using it to beat Lesnar. That caused some issues between Reigns and Heyman, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens when Lesnar returns to sow more doubt next week.

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