Ric Flair Fires Back at Becky Lynch, Claims WWE is Trying to 'Erase' His Legacy

Ric Flair has been on the offensive on social media lately. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer took to Twitter on Monday to call out Becky Lynch for her recent comments about Charlotte Flair. Lynch opted to not respond, but when asked about it on The MMA Hour she told Ariel Helwani, "Look, I saw that tweet. The one that you're referring to. The one that I'm kind of referring to and I looked at it and I wrote out a response that would have been quite biting and I deleted it and I let it go because I think it's really sad because this is a legend at one point. This legend, a 16-time world champion Ric Flair is now jealous of me. It's cool for me. And is now trying to use me to get clout to promote whatever he has going on next because he's dug himself into a hole with other things. So I kind of was just like, ah let me let him out of it because it's kind of sad. It's kind of sad."

Flair responded by retweeting the quote, along with reports regarding who owns the trademark on "The Man" — "So Disappointed! I Did This Out Of Respect For You @BeckyLynchWWE! It Made You Millions & Made Me Nothing. After 40 Years Of Being The Man... The Company Doesn't Own It, And Neither Do You! I'll Always Be The Man! Ask Your Husband."

"In Closing, I'm Done Defending My Legacy! I APPRECIATE Everyone's Hard Work And Will Respect Everyone's Opinion To Agree Or Disagree! All I Can Say Is The Paper Trail Is Always The Be All And End All!" Flair added hours later. The 16-time former world champion came under fire earlier this year when an episode of Dark Side of The Ring covering "The Plane Ride From Hell" was released, in which one of the flight attendants accused Flair of sexual misconduct. 

But Flair wasn't finished. On Thursday morning he tweeted out, "Speaking Of Legacies, @WWE Has Decided To Erase Mine. That's All Good, However, These Two Belts Are My Legacy, And I'd Like Them Returned! I've Asked Twice, Apparently Falling On Deaf Ears!" Flair was granted his release by the WWE. He claimed in a statement that the two sides were cordial when he was initially released, though he was pulled from WWE's signature opening video following the Dark Side of the Ring episode.