WWE: Seth Rollins Calls Out Triple H At NXT: TakeOver

Seth Rollins is on a manhunt for Triple H, even going so far as to appear at NXT: TakeOver to call out his former mentor.

After the Authors of Pain capture the NXT Tag Team Championship from DIY, Rollins made an appearance in the ring and announced that the wants Triple H since he cost him "his life". Rollins and Triple H go far on a personal level as WWE's Architect as the first NXT Champion, and obviously was destined for big things down the line. Triple H recruited Rollins as the young face of the Authority and helped the young champion in his first year with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

When the Universal Championship was vacated, it seemed that Triple H was once again in Rollins' corner, but instead turned on his former protegee and handed the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens after delivering a Pedigree to Rollins.

(Photo: WWE)

The overseer of NXT would eventually come out, but didn't make it that easy for Rollins to get to him and had security force Rollins out of the arena. A WrestleMania match between Rollins and Triple H has long been rumored, and looks to be culiminated in that direction.