Seth Rollins Takes More Shots at Roman Reigns While Teasing an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Rematch

Seth Rollins is one of the very few people who has managed to get the better of Roman Reigns ever since the latter adopted his "Tribal Chief" persona. "The Visionary" technically won their last match back at the Royal Rumble for the Universal Championship after Reigns refused to break the hold on a Guillotine and caused a disqualification while Rollins had his hand on the ropes. The two haven't crossed paths since then, but in a new interview with the Hindustan Times Rollins proclaimed it was only a matter of time. 

"I mean who knows who's gonna be the champion at that point? (after SummerSlam)," Rollins said. "Obviously, it could be Roman, it could be Brock, doesn't really matter to me. I've beaten both of them. I've beaten them both at the same time. So whoever's the champ. I'm gonna call my way back up to the top and get another opportunity at the WWE Universal heavyweight championship."

"I live inside his head (Reigns) rent-free. So whether or not he's champion after SummerSlam, there is definitely going to be another Rollins-Reigns match down the road. We have a lot of unfinished business, but most importantly, anytime you see Rollins versus Reigns on the marquee. You know there's gonna be money involved, you know it's gonna be big business. So when we get back to it, it's gonna be huge, it always will. This industry, this generation is ours for the last ten years now. And so time is near to get this one," he later added.

Rollins later went on to compare their respective careers, saying that while Reigns has the ability to be a star like John Cena or Hulk Hogan, he doesn't share the same in-ring ability of former champions like Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart. 

"My track record speaks for itself. If you just look at the last, I don't know 10 years of our career, you're going to see who's put on better matches," Rollins said. "Who's elevated their opponents. Who's more versatile. There's no question that I'm far beyond his abilities when it comes to doing different things inside the ring, different styles, and I can do more than one promo. I don't just sit there and stare and scowl at the camera. I've got range.

"I'm not taking anything away from Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns one of the most dominant competitors in the history of our industry. The run that he's on right now is a champion is unprecedented in the modern era. The amount of WrestleMania he's main evented it's incredible," he added. "He is a statuesque man. He has got all the tools to be a Hulk Hogan, a John Cena. But he ain't no Shawn Michaels. He ain't no Eddie Guerrero. He ain't no Bret Hart, that's me. So I'm always gonna have that chip on my shoulder. I'm always gonna think that I'm the best in the business. And if that means Roman Reigns is one behind me, then that's how it's gotta be."

h/t Hindustan Times