WWE Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns Forces a Disqualification to Retain the WWE Universal Championship

Tonight's WWE Royal Rumble started with one of the most anticipated matches of the night in Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins, a battle for the Universal Championship. Reigns came down with his usual music, but Rollins tried to play some mind games when he came down to The SHIELD music and his old gear, and Reigns was clearly pissed. The bell hit and Reigns went right after Rollins but Rollins escaped. Rollins continued to evade Reigns and then hit him with a Sling Blade, pushing Reigns to the outside and then against the barricade after a Suicide Dive. He hit a 2nd one to knock Reigns down.

Rollins tried to leap off the ropes but Reigns punched him the face and knocked him down, following it up with a Driveby boot to the face. Reigns went for a Superman Punch but Rollins caught him, picked him up, and slammed him into the announce table with a SHIELD Bomb.

Rollins picked up Reigns and rolled him back into the ring. He went up top and hit a Splash with a pin but Reigns kicked out at 2. Rollins went up top again and went for another move but Reigns evaded and Rollins hit a punch to the back of the neck. He then picked up Reigns and hit a Buckle Bomb and then hit a Stomp, but Reigns kicked out at the very last minute.

Rollins waited and then charged forward but Reigns caught him with a Clothesline. He hit Rollins with a flurry of punches to the head, followed by a Power Bomb, but Rollins kicked out.

Rollins then locked in a submission right in the center of the ring, but Reigns powered out and slammed Rollins down. Then Reigns slammed him again before throwing him into the barricade and over into the timekeepers area. Then he slammed Rollins into the steel steps and rolled him back into the ring. Then he delivered a Superman Punch and went for the pin, but Rollins kicked out.

Spears chased Rollins on the outside of the ring and hit him with a spear. Then they went back into the ring and Reigns set up for a spear but Rollins caught him and hit a Pedigree. Rollins covered him but Reigns pulled up his shoulder at the last minute again.

Rollins went for a move but Reigns countered, and then Rollins hit a bunch of kicks. Reigns hit a big punch and then hit a massive spear. Rollins reached up with a fist bump but Reigns locked in The Guilliotine. Rollins got his hand on the ropes and then the count started, but Reigns wouldn't let the submission go, and the refeee then disqualified him. While Reigns lost, he did retain since the title can't be lost on a DQ. He wasn't finished though, grabbing a chair He hit him with a chair to the back and spin and then slammed him time and time again.

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