Report: WWE Won't Grant Sin Cara His Release

WWE luchador and former NXT Tag Team Champion Sin Cara (real name Jorge Arias) made headlines on Monday when he released a lengthy statement announcing he had requested his release from WWE. However it sounds like WWE won't accept his request, as PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported via sources several hours later. Arias originally signed as a developmental wrestler in 2009 and worked as Hunico, Sin Cara and Sin Cara Negro on the main roster before officially taking over as Sin Cara (the original man under the mask, Luis Urive, was released in 2013 but WWE still had rights to the character) in 2013.

"We are also told that while he was initially slated to go to TV at the end of the European tour, he will instead be going home and will not be working Raw in Boston, MA next week," Johnson reported.

Cara has been used mostly as a tag team and lower midcard wrestler over the last few years of his WWE run. He recently popped up on Raw for a string of losses against Andrade and was soundly beaten by Drew McIntyre on this week's episode (taped on Friday in Manchester, England).

"Last night, after praying and considering it a lot, thinking about my children and their future, I made one of the most difficult but sensible decisions I have had to make in my professional wrestling career; I have asked for my WWE release," a portion of his statement read. (translated from Spanish). "Since I was a child, all I wanted to do was fight and all my life I have taken decisions and sacrifices to put myself in a position to fulfill that dream. There are 20 long years of experience and total dedication to my sport that I love and respect. I have traveled the world, met incredible people and fought for the incredible fans of the WWE Universe.


"I am so grateful for the opportunity they gave me, however, I realized that I am stuck in a place where I am not valued as an athlete or talent," he continued. "I have worked hard and honestly for many years to polish my trade, I have been loyal, respectful, a team player, support and I have waited patiently for the opportunity to show the world everything I can do. Unfortunately, after all these years, that opportunity never came or I feel that it will ever come while I remain where I am."

Johnson also reported that Cara has about three years left on his contract. So if WWE wanted for him to sit at home and wait it out, it could be a long time before Arias gets to wrestle in front of fans again.