WWE's Bayley and Sasha Banks Defeat Asuka and Nikki Cross on SmackDown

Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown was set to include a new edition of Moment of Bliss, and as part of the segment, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were set to have a special guest. After some confusion about who it would be Bayley and Sahsa Banks interrupted the segment to talk some more smack heading into Extreme Rules, but after a length tirade, Bliss said the guest hadn't come out yet. That paved the way for Asuka to come to the ring, and once the ring was cleared out Bliss called for a ref and a match between Bayley and Banks vs Asuka and Cross.

Cross will be doing battle with Bayley at Extreme Rules, but during the match, it was Banks going against Cross for a lengthy portion, though both Banks and Bayley pulled some cunning moves to distract the ref and inflict some pain on Cross.

Eventually Cross got into the ring with Bayley, and she was able to evade Bayley and tag Asuka, who got to work on Bayley and then shoulder tackled both Bayley and Banks. She was then in the ring with her Extreme Rules opponent Banks, who gave a preview of what fans can expect on Sunday.

Asuka was able to get Banks positioned in between the ring and the ring apron, punishing her with blows to the back. Not long after Bayley was caught in the same predicament against Cross, who punished her with several punches to the chest.

Eventually, Asuka ended up back in the ring with Banks and ended up being double teamed by Bayley and Banks. Asuka turned the tables a bit on Bayley, but Bayley effectively countered. Asuka almost got the pint though after a surprise attack, and used the opportunity to tag Cross, while Bayley tagged Banks.

Cross was fired up, and sent Banks reeling. The match was taken outside and then back inside, where Cross almost got the pin, but Banks saved it. Banks then dodged an attack from Asuka and sent Asuka outside of the ring. Bayley then got Cross in a hold and used the ropes as leverage without the ref seeing her and got the win.

As for Extreme Rules, here's the full card.

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight

Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Match

Asuka vs Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Match

Bayley vs Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Match

Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye Match


Apollo Crews vs MVP - U.S. Title Match

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