WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan Returns, Defeats Jey Uso

Daniel Bryan returned to SmackDown after three weeks off this week on FOX. He had been savagely attacked by Jey Uso back on the final show of October, so he was out for revenge in a main event match against Uso this week. Bryan was aggressive early. He locked Uso into some submissions and hit some kicks but Uso came back. They fought to the outside, where Bryan got the advantage back and nailed a top rope dropkick as Jey got back in the ring. Bryan worked Jey over with kicks and punches in the corner after that.

Uso fired back with a hard right hand, which Bryan countered with an uppercut. Uso kicked Byran when he was about to hit a back body drop, However, Bryan tosses Jey to the outside and followed that up with a suicide dive to the outside. They fought near the announce table and Jey sent Bryan crashing through the table with a back body drop as they went to commercial.

When they came back, Uso was working over Bryan. The announcers talked up Jey's transformation over the last few weeks. He hit a hard kick to the head and followed that with some chops and uppercuts in the corner. He screamed at Bryan that he was in the wrong place.

Bryan fought back with some right hands and went up top. Uso caught him with a right hand to crotch him, then climbed up top and nailed a super-plex. Jey followed by going for a Samoan Drop but Bryan reversed into a crucifix pin for a near fall. Bryan then looked to have the Yes Lock on but Uso escaped and pounded Bryan's kidneys with knees.


Uso went up top but Bryan crotched him this time. Bryan went up top with him and hit a back suplex down to the canvas.

Bryan followed with the Yes Kicks and covered for a two count. Bryan kicked Jey on the mat in retribution and was coming in with the running knees but Uso caught him with a couple of superkicks. Jey then climbed up top for the Uso Splash, however Bryan got his knees up and covered for the pinfall.