WWE SmackDown: The Fiend Confronts Vince McMahon

WWE debuted their new Thunderdome set at Orlando's Amway Center on Friday night during SmackDown. Fans had very mixed reactions to the new set, which features hundreds of WWE fans joining the crowd virtually through webcam. However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was in Orlando on Friday night to take it all in. Following the show open, the spotlights hit the ring to reveal McMahon with a microphone in hand. Just as he welcome the fans to the show, the lights began to flicker and The Fiend's entrance music came on.

Following his entrance, complete with seemingly hundreds of red lazers to which we haven't seen anything like since WWE was last in front of fans, The Fiend confronted McMahon face to face. McMahon didn't seem all that frightened, though every time he tried to step in one direction, he was blocked by The Fiend. Not for long, though, as Braun Strowman's music came on and the WWE Universal Champion made his entrance.

Once Strowman got to the ring, allowing McMahon to exit, the lights flickered again and out came Retribution. The Fiend waved goodbye to Strowman as Retribution laid waste to the Universal Champ. However, numerous members of the SmackDown locker room ran out to make the save and a gigantic brawl erupted before Retribution finally left the ringside area. A conflicted Strowman, who started to portray himself as a heel on last week's show, then took up fists with the men who saved him before storming off.


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