Did WWE Just Spoil Clash at the Castle's Main Event Result?

The June 28th WWE SmackDown is advertising Damian Priest defending his title against Jey Uso.

Drew McIntyre is finally getting his WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch. After defeating Seth Rollins to capture the prize at WWE WrestleMania 40, McIntyre taunted rival CM Punk, who provided guest commentary during the match. Punk responded by attacking McIntyre with his triceps brace, leaving the Scottish Warrior prone to a Money in the Bank cash-in from Damian Priest. Priest has reigned with the title ever since while McIntyre has been obsessed with taking down Punk, who remains shelved with a triceps injury. During this time, McIntyre himself suffered an elbow injury, forcing him to step away from the ring for the short term.

Earlier this month on WWE Monday Night Raw, Priest promised McIntyre a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match as soon as he is cleared. WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque has since announced that McIntyre is cleared for competition and has made Priest vs. McIntyre official for the WWE Clash at the Castle premium live event next month in McIntyre's home country of Scotland.

WWE Spoils Clash at the Castle Main Event?

(Photo: WWE)

Home country advantage might not be a thing for Drew McIntyre next month.

Taking to social media, the official Madison Square Garden account revealed that the June 28th edition of WWE SmackDown will host a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between titleholder Damian Priest and Jey Uso. It is unclear as to if this advertised bout will happen on the broadcast or will be exclusive for the fans in attendance as a dark match.

Regardless of who gets to see the match, the stipulation suggests that Priest will retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Clash at the Castle on June 15th. This has led to speculation that CM Punk will cost McIntyre the win again, much like he did at both WWE WrestleMania 40 and on the WWE Monday Night Raw the next day in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contender's Match.

That said, the golden asterisk with all professional wrestling is that card is subject to change. That could mean that Priest vs. Uso on the June 28th WWE SmackDown is just a standard singles match, rekindling their rivalry from WWE Backlash earlier this year, or it will be pivoted to McIntyre vs. Uso with McIntyre's newly-won WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

WWE Clash at the Castle goes down on Saturday, June 15th.