WWE SummerSlam: How Long Did Goldberg's Match Last?

Goldberg made his return to WWE at SummerSlam and destroyed Dolph Ziggler in the process.

Following an underwhelming match at Super ShowDown against The Undertaker, Goldberg was reportedly itching to get back into a WWE ring to erase the memory of that match. Ziggler stood in as the opponent and took all of the bumps for Goldberg to make him shine.

Before the match, Ziggler got on the microphone and questioned whether Goldberg would show up for the match, saying "we all know he doesn't show up for matches" (a reference to the fiasco at Super ShowDown). That taunting on the microphone turned out to be a theme for this match.

As far as how long the match went? About one minute and 30 seconds.

Ziggler hit a superkick right away at the start of the match, followed by a second. Goldberg kicked out of the pinfall attempts. Dolph came in again and Goldberg speared him. He followed that up with the Jackhammer and covered for the 1-2-3.


After the match, Ziggler got on the microphone and taunted Goldberg. He called him a "dipsh-t" and said he hit like a baby. Goldberg came back and speared him and walked off to the back.

Ziggler again got on the microphone, taunting Goldberg and saying that "anyone can get lucky twice." He said he was a laughing stock in the industry. This brought out Goldberg again, who pulled a wobbly Ziggler to his feet. Goldberg gave him a pat on the back and gave him another spear after rebounding off the ropes twice.