WWE Superstar Matt Riddle Has the Most Amazing Recap of Howard the Duck

Apparently, WWE Superstar Matt Riddle is a big fan of the first movie Marvel ever put in U.S. theaters...and we don't mean Iron Man. It seems as though Riddle is one of the dozens of people who love Howard the Duck. The 1986 comedy, which starred Tim Robbins (Green Lantern), Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), and voice actor Chip Zien (All My Children), was a critical and box office disaster, stigmatizing Marvel at a time when comic book movies were not especially common, and burning off some of the goodwill Lucasfilm had built up with Return of the Jedi.

Still, it has its defenders, having become known as a "so-bad-it's good" kind of movie. It appears as though Riddle is one of them, having rewatched the movie recently, and giving a delightful recap of the movie during a recent chat with Barstool Sports.

You can see the video below.

As you can tell by that passionate (and, yes, slightly rambling) speech, it really does seem like Riddle is not only pretty well-versed in Howard the Duck, but pretty enthusiastic about it. He even stopped to acknowledge the inherent weirdness of Howard's relationship with Beverly, to the delight of those listening to his rundown.

In Howard the Duck, an anthropomorophic duck from an alternate universe where waterfowl are the dominant species on Earth is somehow transported to our world. Once here, he must stop an alien invasion with the help of a nerdy scientist and a struggling female rock singer.


Riddle, a former MMA fighter, joined WWE in 2018. After two years of NXT stories, he has gone on to some success in both tag team and solo events, at one point winning the WWE United States Championship and holding onto it for more than a month.