WWE Suspends Paige For Wellness Policy Violation

(Photo: WWE)

Looks like Alberto Del Rio won't be living out his suspension alone.

WWE has announced that Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) has also been suspended for 30 days for her first violation of their Wellness Policy. It's not completely unheard of for a WWE women's division wrestler to be suspended, but it's quite uncommon. Earlier today, Alberto Del Rio was suspended, which starts tomorrow on the 18th. Paige starts hers then as well. The two have been a couple publicly for a few months now, so it makes this situation very out of the ordinary.


A former Divas Champion and NXT Women's Champion, Paige was one of the cornerstones of the Divas Revolution, she's been on hiatus with a shoulder injury as of late, but it looks like she has a little bit more time to recover having to serve this suspension. This is her first violation in all of her time with WWE.