The Rock's Popular Catchphrase Added To

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had boatloads of popular catchphrases during his heyday in the World Wrestling Federation, but few stood out more than his use of the word jabroni. And while the word has been a staple of the pro wrestling community for decades, it's now finally getting some mainstream recognition. added in more than 600 new words on Tuesday to its official list, one of which included the word jabroni. The official definition for the noun is "1. Slang. a stupid, foolish, or contemptible person; loser."

A second definition pertaining to just pro wrestling was also included.

"Also called enhancement talent, jobber. Professional Wrestling. a wrestler whose purpose is to lose matches against headlining wrestlers in order to build up the status and fame of the headliners," it reads.

As of now, Johnson hasn't commented on the news. Check out the full definition below.

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Back in mid-August, Johnson noticed a poll was on social media about which version of The Rock was the most popular. He went with a different route, picking his classic fanny-pack-wearing look.

During a fan Q&A back in May, Johnson talked about what he felt was the lowest point in his career back when he was still Rocky Maivia and hadn't developed The Rock as a persona quite yet.


"It all culminated at WrestleMania. It was my very first WrestleMania as Intercontinental Champion," Johnson said. "I wrestled The Sultan, who's also Rikishi, he's my family, my ainga, and 15,000 people in Chicago were chanting 'Rocky Sucks.' And this is WrestleMania, and I remember Rikisi telling me, 'don't listen to them,' but you can't help it. You're listening to them. That was the culmination that the company felt like we can't do anything anymore with Rocky, me, Rocky Maivia. They took the belt off me. They gave it to somebody else, Owen Hart I think it was, my dear friend. Rest in peace. And I got hurt and was sent home for the summer.

"That was my low because I'm at home, I have no money and I'm thinking my wrestling career is just like my football career. It's all just gonna end before it actually begins. I'm thinking Jesus Christ like do I go to law school because I wanted to work for the CIA. Well, I can't afford law school, and my study habits were the s--ts. Do I even consider UFC? I went well, I prefer not to get punched in the face. Do I go to Japan to wrestle in Japan? I don't know even if I could do that. I'd need a fresh start."