Photos: WWE Announces Undertaker Legacy Championship Belt

Whether its Steve Austin's Smoking Skull Championship, John Cena's old-scholl spinner belts or Daniel Bryan's hemp belt, WWE tends to go above and beyond for its custom championship titles. But its latest creation, a "limited edition legacy title" for the Undertaker, might by taking things a little too far. The company unveiled the massive black, silver and purple title on Monday, announcing that only 500 were made. The title goes for a whopping $750.00 on WWE Shop and comes delivered in a special black and purple coffin.

Fans online seemed to be intrigued by the title given it has so many references to "The Phenom," but they pulled back once they took a look at the price.

"Probably the most financially impractical Want\Need that I've ever had to talk myself out of purchasing," one fan wrote.

Some fans also pointed out how the belt looked eerily similar to the old Divas Championship.

"The Undertaker Legacy title or the Divas Championship?" one fan jokingly asked.

Some of the details added to the belt include his "Taking Souls, Digging Holes" catchphrase, the numbers 11-22-90 (his pay-per-view debut for the company) and his "T" symbol on both the main and side plates.

Since the start of the year "The Deadman" has popped up a handful of times on WWE television. Back in June he took part in an infamous match against Bill Goldberg at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia, a match so bad that Goldberg personally tweeted out an apology afterwards. Taker bounced back by teaming up with Roman Reigns for a match against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules, where he looked much better in the ring. His popped up during SmackDown's return to Madison Square Garden a couple of months later, but was absent from SmackDown's FOX premiere in early October despite being initially advertised.


When asked on Instagram why he wasn't at the show, Taker surprisingly decided to respond.

"I was told I wasn't needed," the legend wrote.