VICE Releases Clip of Dark Side of the Ring's Plane Ride From Hell Episode

VICE TV's Dark Side of the Ring returns this Thursday with the first episode of the second half of Season 3, centering around the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell" from 2002. The show's official Twitter account dropped a quick clip of the episode on Wednesday, with one flight attendant recalling how the flight's liquor supply had to be refilled three times while the plane was stuck on the tarmac for roughly seven hours. 

Evan Husney and Jason Eisener, the show's creators, spoke with ComicBook last week to help promote the series' return. Given that the Plane Ride From Hell is such a well-known story, Husney admitted that it took a while for them to find an angle that would make an episode work. 

"Yeah, it's really interesting," Husney said. "Since the beginning of the show, it's been any time we've interfaced with friends, family, or fans, it's always been when are doing the Plane Ride From Hell? It's always been at the forefront of an episode suggestion and truth be told, I think that the knowledge of what's out there about the events that took place on that ill-fated flight is I think for us always been us trying to wrap our heads around how it could be an episode. Where's the human angle? Where's that quality that's going to transcend it beyond just a party gone crazy in the sky?

"And so, we always put it off, but the demand was so overwhelming for it, but once we started to dig into researching it and talking to some people who were on the flight, man, it was really eyeopening," he continued. "And that story, that real Dark Side of the Ring human story really did start to emerge from it. And I do think that for us, I think, yeah. It really surprised us in terms of how well it sort of came together as a story. But I think it's definitely going to be a conversation, water cooler moment in the wrestling sphere when this thing drops next week."


Other episodes for the second half of the season cover topics like Chris Kanyon, Luna Vachon, Johnny K9, Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, XPW and the WWE's Steroid Trials.