WWE: Here's Why Jeff Hardy Changed The Name of His Finishing Move

Last night was a rather surreal but ultimately enjoyable episode of WWE SmackDown, and along with [...]

Last night was a rather surreal but ultimately enjoyable episode of WWE SmackDown, and along with the hilarious commentary from Triple H and the continued movement of John Cena's match with The Fiend it also featured the return of fan-favorite Jeff Hardy. Hardy stepped into the ring with Baron Corbin, and amongst the flurry of creative offense that is his trademark Hardy also debuted a new finishing move called the Twist of Fury. The move looks a lot like his old move Twist of Fate, a move he often performed with his brother Matt Hardy, and it would seem that Matt and Reby Hardy have placed a trademark on the name, hence the name change (via StillRealToUs).

Fans noticed that Jeff's new finisher was called the Twist of Fury and not Fate, and that was intentional it seems, as Reby Hardy tweeted a concise but very telling response to the move and name used on SmackDown.

She tweeted "™", suggesting that the Twist of Fate name had been trademarked, and most likely it is so that Matt Hardy can use the name and benefit from it in his eventual move to AEW, which has been teased for several weeks now.

Fans were not too happy about this development, and from Reby's next tweet it would seem she was inundated with those reactions, though she doesn't seem to be too affected by the responses.

"I don't care"

Keep it going, we're almost to inception !!!!!"

Most of the negative feedback revolved around the fact that both Matt and Jeff performed that move during their time in WWE, so to take the name from either of them was seen as a slight. That said, we imagine Matt did discuss this move with Jeff, as the two have pushed forward the Hardy Brand for some time, whether in WWE or Impact, but Jeff has yet to comment on the whole thing.

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