WWE's Charlotte Flair Slams Pies in Toni Storm's Face After SmackDown Confrontation

Charlotte Flair came out to address the crowd after a recap played of her match with Becky Lynch at Survivor Series during SmackDown's second hour. Flair tried to get the upper hand in the match by bending the rules and ironically it was Lynch who did the same thing to her right after, pinning her and taking the win for Team Raw. Michael Cole brought up the loss and she said she wasn't disappointed in the loss, but in the poor officiating in that match." You saw. All of Greensboro saw. Everyone at home saw! The only way Becky Lynch could beat me was by cheating. She wasn't the superior athlete. She's not stronger than me! She just got lucky," Flair said.

"All that match proved was that Becky is everything I said she was. She knows deep down that I'm the better woman. And her success? That's thanks to me," Flair said. When Cole asked what is in the future, Flair said "she can be Big Time Becks on Raw, but here, in reality land, I'm still the most dominant woman in World Wrestling Entertainment."

Then Toni Storm came out, saying that she called it last week and that her obsession made her vulnerable, and just like she predicted Becky won. "So, now you're going to come after me because I had the gall to stand up to the mighty Charlotte Flair," Storm said. "So I figured I'd make it easier for you. I'm right here."

"Oh that's so cute! Toni you thought I was coming after her. I barely know you exist," Flair said. "There's a reason I wipe my boots when I come into this ring, because there are levels to this, and I'm on a different level. Would you like me to break you to a pulp, or like this..."

Flair threw a punch and Storm evaded it, throwing Flair out of the ring and to the floor. Flair then collected herself and taunted Storm, and Storm followed her to the floor. Flair hit Storm in the face with a pie from the table of leftovers used in the match before, and Storm was shocked to say the least.

Flair got some on her as well but couldn't stop smiling about how things turned out, while Storm was angry. Flair then came back to confront Storm and as Storm approached she hit her with another pie in the face, and Storm looked even more distraught after this one, while Flair laughed and walked away.

It would seem we are going to get a match between these two soon, though possibly not before WWE's big New Years pay-per-view. We'll just have to wait and see.

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