WWE's Sonya Deville Becomes Surprise Referee and Screws Over Naomi on SmackDown

It was time on SmackDown for the match between Naomi and Shayna Baszler, which was a result of the match last week that was supposed to be between Sonya Deville and Naomi but ended up being a handicap match with Baszler fighting on Deville's side. Tonight's match hadn't even started yet before a curveball was thrown, as Deville came out and said they had a problem. Apparently, the referee had been hurt and they would need someone to step in as a ref, and Deville couldn't think of anyone more suited to the task than her, so she suited up in a referee uniform and went into the ring.

Baszler got Naomi down but Naomi bounced back and hit Baszler hard with multiple shots to the face and a slick move that sent Baszler neck-first into the ropes. Then she hit a big boot to the side of Baszler's face, but Naomi tripped up on the ropes of her next move but recovered and managed to pin Baszler for about 5 counts. Unfortunately, Deville didn't count those and waited for Baszler to get in a pin position, and then she fast counted to give Baszler the win.

Naomi got in Deville's face after the match and then Bazler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch, getting Naomi down to the ground before standing victoriously as Deville left the ring.

After the match Naomi was seen backstage and gave an interview, saying that if Deville ever decides to put her corporate suit away and step into the ring she will be ready, and if Baszler wants to face her one on one all she'll see is the Rear View when she wins.

We also heard from Jason Ayers on social media, who is the referee that Deville said was hurt. That turned out not to be the case, as Ayers said he had to hit the boys room and she told him he had enough time.

This is obviously building towards an actual battle between Deville and Naomi, and it's already one of the more compelling storylines on SmackDown in the short time it's been part of the program.

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