Fan Launches Petition To Push Sony To Collaborate With Marvel In Regards To Spider-Man

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A petition for Sony to collaborate with Marvel regarding the Spider-Man franchise has launched on

The petition was kicked off by Josh Pendarvis.

“Sony recently declined the opportunity to include Spider-Man in the upcoming Civil War movie, in which he plays a major role, and in a new franchise in which Sony would have distribution rights and creative input,” Pendarvis said. “This is a petition to try and attempt to show Sony how much the fans care and want a change.”

E-mails leaked by hackers this week confirmed that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment had discussions regarding bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sony holds the film rights to the webslinger and is scheduled to have a summit next month to reevaluate the franchise. Spider-Man has suffered major blows including the poor performance of this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the loss of co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci.

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    Instead of a petition for Sony to 'collaborate' with Marvel and lend them Spiderman,how about fans signing a petition for Sony to 'sell back' the rights of Spiderman to Marvel?Let's make it more permanent!Just saying.

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    There's another petition:

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    How 'bout we just get everyone [Fox and Sony] to give back, The FF, X-men, and Spider-man back to Marvel???  

  1. Not just signing a petition but also refusing to see any spiderman movie made by Sony in the future. 

    It's simple add spidey in he's 33% of cap3, Sony pays 33% of budget and receive 33% of profits. It will cost them less and almost guaranteed to make a lot more than amazing 2. Could potentially be another billion dollar movie, especially with those 3 characters.

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