Joss Whedon Wanted Captain Marvel & Spider-Man In Avengers: Age Of Ultron


Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon was a guest on the latest edition of Empire Podcast, and he he discussed plenty of spoilers. Perhaps the most intriguing nugget is that Whedon originally wanted Spider-Man and Captain Marvel to appear in the film.

At the end of Age of Ultron a new Avengers lineup is shown, but Whedon wanted two more new members to join the team. "I wanted all of those people. I said, 'It would be great if we could just add a few more. If we could have a Captain Marvel there, that you've made a deal for.' And they talked about it," Whedon explained. "And I was like, ‘And Spider-Man, we could do that too, because Sony had approached us during the first movie about a little integration. So, I would have put both of them in, but neither of the deals were made."

During filming, Marvel announced a Captain Marvel film, and they made a deal with Sony to include Spider-Man in their cinematic universe. After all of that they approached Whedon, which he recounts, "And then they're like, ‘We’re making a Captain Marvel movie and we’ve got Spider-Man as a property,’ and I’m like, ‘I’ve already locked my film you f***ers! Thanks for nothing.'”

Listen to Whedon's comments in the video below starting at the 25-minute mark.

Captain Marvel is scheduled for release on July 6, 2018 and the next Spider-Man will appear in his own film, July 28, 2017.

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  1. I've grown pretty weary of Whedon's ego, he only wanted to tack Captain Marvel on at the very end of AoU. I am so much happier that she will be getting her start in her own movie!

  2. Anonymous5800 said ... (original post)

    I've grown pretty weary of Whedon's ego, he only wanted to tack Captain Marvel on at the very end of AoU. I am so much happier that she will be getting her start in her own movie!

    I agree. Its best that he didn't add Spidey and Cap Marvel at the end of the film, because that would be so random and out of the blue that it really woudn't make much sense. Lets have them be properly introduced

  3. You're trolling right? I mean, surely you understand these are sarcastic jabs at the accusation that he's a racist and not racist sentiments.I'm going to assume you're joking becuase I don't want to think that you'd call a man a racist without any research beyond some tweets. 

  4. Listen, I get that Joss can come off as a bit of a dick, but this is now the 3rd or 4th article I've read where people are taking one small piece of an interview, which was a complete side-note, and making wild speculations and treating them as fact that was exactly what he was thinking.

    If anyone truly believes that he would just "shove Captain Marvel and Spider-Man in the end of AoU with no other lead-in, then you're just idiotic. 

    The interviewer asked if those final characters were all the ones he wanted, and he said he would have liked to have a few more... that would have meant that he would have had to write them into the story properly. That's why he made the commente about his movie already being locked... there was no room to re-write it to fit those other characters in at that point, and anything that he would have been able to do WOULD be just shoving them in with no purpose... and that's precisely why it didn't happen.

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    Interesting to hear that Marvel Studios and Sony were having discussions as early as the first Avengers, the year The Amazing Spider-Man came out. 

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