Clark Gregg Thinks Inhumans Movie Will Be Its Own Cinematic Version

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    Snoke is an Inhuman

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    Its a shame that marvel film and Marv tv don't work closer together to imagine this shared universe. That was one of the turn offs I had with agents of shield was that it was too much it's own thing when we've already scene such wondrous events take place in this world on film. I think the Netflix series handle this better by being set in such a small corner of the MCU but have that area still beholding to events that took place in Avengers or in precious series. This is why I feel DC is doing things their own way. So people won't expect such interwoven stories...

  1. This movie will suck major ass.

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    CB87544 said ... (original post)

    Snoke is an Inhuman

    Haha! Very funny :)

  2. "They destroy the organisation our show is named after and we have to deal with that!" That's different. Writing and pre-production on Captain America: Winter Soldier had already started and finished long before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. even premiered. Marvel Studios didn't want to limit what the CA:WS film-makers could do with the film based on things that AoS hadn't even aired yet, or even planned. Inhumans will be different because the film will focus on the Royal Family and the kingdom of Attilan. As long as AoS doesn't explore that too much, they don't have to worry about limiting anything that the Inhumans film-makers may want to do with the film. If, however, the events of the Inhumans film has some major ramifications for the Inhuman characters and story lines in AoS, then the showrunners will have to plan around that. The film-makers will most likely not have to consult with the showrunners, but hopefully they can at least give them a fair warning enough time in advance to let the showrunners plan around it.

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