Colossus Facial Actor Explains Challenges Of Vomit Sequences In Deadpool Movie



  1. So basically they made Colossus into a big pussy! Well isn't this just great! Damn, I hate Hollywood!!!

  2. Anonymous16214 said ... (original post)

    no, they didn't. where the hell do u get that from?

    Throwing up every time he sees blood... seriously!?!

    • GGirl1990
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    Spoiler much?!

  3. Just because he's a big bruiser, doesn't mean he has to like the sight of blood. He's a pacifist. You obviously know nothing about the character other than that he can turn into metal. : P

    The whole point in his character is to depict someone with tremendous power always trying to resolve the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible. He doesn't fight unless he absolutely has to.

    • Briggs
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    Hey Jamie, go acquire herpes and stop spoiling little bits of the film.Thanks.

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