DeLorean Releases Ad For DMC-12 Car From Back To The Future


I'm sure you've heard by now, the DeLorean -- the car made famous in Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future franchise -- is going back into production after 35 years. To celebrate all of the interest DeLorean Motor Company has received of late, the company has put out a new video.

DMC plans to build about 300 cars and retail them for $100,000. The exterior will be stainless steel and will closely resemble the same shape and design that made original so recognizable. However, not everything will be the same as the original, which was built between 1981 and 1983, as the engine, tires and in-car electronics are all getting upgraded.

It'll have a "current model year, emissions certified engine," but at this time they can't disclose which companies might be their engine supplies. "We can say that the engines we are considering are both naturally aspirated and turbocharged, four-cylinder and six-cylinder, and they produce between approximately 270hp (200 kw) and 350hp (261kw)."

Original DeLoreans were installed with 15″ wheels on the rear, and 14″ on the front, however, companies no longer manufacture performance tires in those sizes. This means DMC is "looking hard at new, larger, wheels and tires," which they "can use bigger brakes."

"Another area that will see significant upgrades is the in-car entertainment and connectivity," DMC shared on their blog. "The original DeLorean came with a four-speaker, AM/FM cassette player – standard fare for 1981, but not today. For years we have been upgrading this part of the car through our service and restoration work, and we’ll continue to push that envelope as much as we can. A modern, improved HVAC system has also already been tested and is planned for these cars, as well."

Check out DeLorean Motor Company's "Lucky Coin" video below.

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