Petition To Have Deadpool Host Saturday Night Live Has Passed Over 20,000 Signatures



Well that certainly didn't take long. 

Yesterday we talked about a petition on Change.Org about having Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to host Saturday Night Live. Fans have surely spoken as the petition has over 20,000 signatures (at press time it is 23,525)! 

Similar petitions have worked in the past succeeding with Betty White to host the show, as well as Cookie Monster (well, partially, as he appeared to sing a Christmas song with real host Jeff Bridges), but at least Cookie went out of his way to audition for the spot. 

So what happens now exactly? Well that's certainly up to Lorne Michaels. How would a show like this actually work? It would be a ratings wonder for sure, especially for the kids who possibly couldn't see the movie due to its R-rating. It could be toned down enough for TV, but still risque enough to work. 

Then again, it is live TV after all. 

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  1. Aren't his eyes cg? Can't really do that live.

    • ODCS
    • 13 Posts in 22 Months

    They use CGI to help him emote in the mask but it still looks fine even without the added CGI.

    • MaxB
    • 171 Posts in 30 Months

    just look at the stuff RR did for halloween and christmas with the suit, its fine

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