The Walking Dead: How Closely Did Knots Untie Mirror The Comics?

The Walking Dead continues to mirror Robert Kirkman's original comic books more and more closely it continues to plow through the back half of its sixth season. Be warned, spoilers follow for the eleventh episode of The Walking Dead's sixth season and the comic books through issue 96.

Having arrived at the Hilltop community, Rick and the group were introduced to Gregory, as portrayed by Xander Berkeley. Not only does the character look like he was ripped straight from the pages of a comic book and plastered with accurate colors on television but his attitude and early events of his introduction are ripped straight from the pages of The Walking Dead.

As seen in Knots Untie, the comic books illustrated Gregory's arrogance and cockiness, and also a word for word origination of his stabbing outside of the Barrington house.

However, the biggest variation from the comic series was the fact that Maggie negotiated with an injured Gregory. In the comics, it was Rick who talked to Gregory and he wasn't quite as demanding as Maggie was. In addition to that character swap, Carl was in attendance for the trip to the Hilltop rather than Daryl, who has never existed in the comics.

The events of The Walking Dead's midseason premiere parallel those of issue 84, while Sunday's Knots Untie episode reflect those of issues 95 and 96. At this rate, Negan's issue #100 arrival could come to TV as early as next week, however, the creators and several cast members have said that his introduction comes in the season finale. That really leaves us to wonder, what will fill in the four episode gap if not material from the comics?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.