Every Live Action Batman Movie Ranked

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    • Val616
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    To me, the 66 Batman movie will always be the best

  1. For me it's the Christipher Nolan series and nothing else, though I haven't seen BvS yet. Might wait for home release.

  2. Batman v Superman is easily as good as The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan saddles that film with a screen play easily stupider than BvS - a literal ticking bomb straight out of the '66 film, sending every single cop down the sewers etc etc. The Dark Knight walks it, it's a stunningly ambitious movie.

    • mlauzon
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    "Every Live Action Batman Movie Ranked"?

    No, not every 'live action "Batman" movie' was ranked!

    You're missing:

    "Batman" (1943)

    "Batman and Robin" (1949)

  3. B&R < Rises < Returns < Forever < Batman < Begins < Dark Knight. Haven't seen BvS yet (going this evening) but that's my list. Yeah Forever had SUPER cheesy villains (and "badass" laundry hanging) but it was at least a Batman film. Rises was Batman watching a city watch two secondary characters watch a bad guy watch a bomb that will go off sometime in a few months.

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