Blue Exorcist Season 2 Premiere Recap

Blue Exorcist is back, and fans are already clamoring over the anime’s return. The popular series debuted back in 2011 and took shonen fans by surprise with its clever plot and supernatural thrills. After a lengthy hiatus, Blue Exorcist has made a comeback thanks to its second season, and audiences can now stream the premiere episode on sites like Crunchyroll and Daisuke.

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Here at, we’re diving into the show and seeing how it stacks up so far with the first season. So, if you want to know more about “Small Beginnings,” then feel free to keep reading. But, do be warned! Spoilers lie below!

The anime kicks off with a plot device anime fans have seen time and again. That’s right; Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga spends its first few minutes highlighting a couple of civilians who don’t run when they are told to. A mother and her little boy stumbled across an active crime scene conducted by the True Cross Order. But, when the little boy goes careening off to see the baddie up close, things get complicated as the shrouded villain snatches the boy in a burst of miasma.

As for Rin, the anime’s protagonist is shown training on an undisclosed rooftop. He can be found trying to gain control over the dangerous blue, demonic flames Rin unleashed last season - but he fails at every turn to make them work for him. Even Shura can’t quite help him get a handle on the flames, but they are soon whisked away to the Order’s on-going crime scene before Rin gets much further.

When everyone arrives, Rin reunited with his twin brother Yukio who is tasked with getting the hostage situation under control. Teaming up with an older exorcist named Mr. Todo, the trio learn that the baddie has gained possession of a dangerous item known as the Left Eye of the Impure King.

Despite being asked to say behind, Rin follows the two into the villain’s hold-up where they see the young boy in critical condition. When Yukio attempts to kill the shrouded figure, they disappear. But, when Rin goes to get the boy to safety, the brothers learn that Mr. Todo has been behind the orchestration. Having turned himself, the demonic former exorcist taunts Yukio about his fears and inability to live up to Rin’s full potential before he disappears with the left Left Eye in hand.

Clearly, the True Cross Order is not pleased with the circumstances, and Mephisto announces the team will need to travel to Kyoto where the Impure King’s Right Eye is held. The Order’s headquarters were also ambushed, but the eye was kept safe.

While Yukio begins ruminating on Mr. Todo’s slick words, Rin travels with Shura to Kyoto - and he more than excited to see the city’s massive tower. However, his excitement is dampened when his classmates enter his train car. He greets them with enthusiasm, but they slink away as they are now afraid of Rin given his relationship to Satan. After all, being the son of the devil can be isolating. Shiemi, Ryuji, and even Konekomaru refuse to acknowledge Rin who is left smarting from their treatment.

So, naturally, he is a bit surprised when Izumo is the first to accept his birthright and sits by him on the train.

As the group moves closer to Kyoto, the True Cross Academy students prepare for the work they have ahead of them. They will be tasked with taking care of the injured and repairing damages to the city’s headquarters, but Ryuji cannot stand the idea of working with Satan’s son. The hot-headed boy picks a fight with Rin on the train, but the latter simply asks his friend to trust him. Before the two can trade blows, Shura interrupts them with his sheathed sword and reminds them that exorcists cannot work alone; To do so is akin to failure if not suicide.

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At the the episode’s end, Blue Exorcist shifts back to Yukio who is seen riding in a car. The twin can be found looking out of the window as Mr. Todo’s words echo. However, they are soon replaced by the voice of Yukio and Rin’s adoptive father. The elder man is shown asking a young Yukio if he would rather fight and help protect Rin than hide in the shadows. Before the screen fades to black, Yukio can be heard asking himself whether it was possible for him to do such a thing for his older twin.