One-Punch Man Drops In For A Simpsons Cameo

One-Punch Man isn’t another everyday anime series; No, the former cult title has become a mainstream monster over the years. As superhero stories continue to gain popularity through movies and television, fans are drawn to script-flipping series such as One-Punch Man. With a second season already in development, the popularity of the franchise continues to rise with readers from around the world.

So, of course, The Simpsons would want to jump in on the wave.

In the west, The Simpsons is known for its longevity and witty commentary - but it is also recognized for its pop culture gags. The animated series has been on air for more than two decades, and The Simpsons has seen a lot in its time. The show has made pointed anime references to projects like Spirited Away and more. And, now, One-Punch Man was just gifted a short cameo in the comic book series based on The Simpsons.

Thanks to a Reddit user, the One-Punch Man cameo was brought to light online. The nod is featured in an issue of Simpsons Comics, an on-going series that started back in November 1993. With more than 200 issues to its name, the comic run chose to highlight One-Punch Man through a costume party gag.

In the panel, Bart and Milhouse can be seen on a sidewalk surrounded by some other of their classmates. Dressed in superhero costumes, the gang of friends are shown sporting some elaborate costumes, but it is the adults in the background who should grab your attention. While the lady to the left is dressed plainly enough, the mad over to the right looks awfully familiar. The bald extra can be seen donning a yellow tracksuit, red boots, a white cape, and a pair of red gloves.

Found Saitama in a Simpsons comic. from OnePunchMan

So, if you think of Saitama when you see him, that’s no surprise.

Of course, One-Punch Man is not the first anime title that The Simpsons has poked at - and it won’t be the last. In the past, the show has done a couch gag which saw the family dress up as characters like Sailor Moon, Jun, Astro Boy, Pikachu, and more. A few years back, the show’s annual Treehouse of Horror special even reimagined the odd family as characters from Naruto, Bleach, and Attack on Titan as well.