'Boruto' To Revisit The Hidden Mist Village

With Naruto Gaiden done and dusted, Boruto fans will start to see more from the Hidden Mist village than they have seen before. Despite the Hidden Mist being introduced early on into the Naruto series and playing a major part in the story, fans haven’t seen much of the actual village.

In episode 25 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans will watch as the Konoha Academy student’s head on a school trip, which takes them to the Hidden Mist. This is not the same village that was once called “Village of the Bloody Mist,” as it is now a bright and energetic place. This was the place where children killed each other and ninjas were brought up to do unspeakable things, however, things have changed. Although, there are a number of villagers who still prefer the old times and are not happy with the current state of the village.

Meanwhile, in episode 26, the students under the guidance of the recently appointed 6th Mizukage Chojuro and Kagura, will tour the village further. The Hidden Mist is known for its swordsmanship, with Chojuro later proposing a friendly fight between him and Kagura.

While in episode 27, Hachiya Tsurushi, who in the past spent time together with Kagura during their academy days, kidnaps Denki. This is in order to lure Boruto and his classmates and in this episode, an exciting hidden truth about Kagura will also be revealed.

Hidden Mist
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You can check out the synopsis for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations below:

“The village of Konoha has managed to change, modernized next to an era of peace. Raising high constructions, large computer monitors of transmission of images (televisions last generation), divisions and divisions (streets) connected to run (to mobilize) electric cars, The way to live in the ninja era has changed ...

The leader of the village is, the seventh Hokage. Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, to become a ninja must enroll in the school "ninja academy". But the students in the surroundings see Boruto with prejudiced eyes for the thing of being "the son of the seventh Hokage". However, Boruto has unprecedented capabilities.

Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsSunday at on TV Tokyo

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