Thor: The Dark World's Alexander Says This Movie Is More Like a Comic

In a new video interview with I Am Rogue, Thor: The Dark World star Jaimie Alexander told the site that she enjoyed working with new director Alan Taylor, and that the film feels more firmly rooted in the comic book source material than the first film.

Saying that she has already wrapped her part in the film but that the production isn't quite finished yet, Alexander told IAR, "It's great--it's going to be a little bit of a different feel.  Obviously a lot more action....we get to explore the Nine Realms a lot more and you see a lot more Asgard."

Alexander also added that "We sort of explore the Sif/Thor relationship a little bit--getting a feel of who these people are and how they are the way they are with each other."

On Taylor, the actress said, "It's always great to work with new people and Alan Taylor has brought a whole new vision to Thor. We've remained our own characters obviously so there's still that similarity there between the first one and the second one but there's a darker feel to this one. A little bit more Gladiator-ish, little bit more Viking-ish, so I'm really excited to see how it turns out."

Those types of influences, of course, are informing the comic book series in a big way right now, too, so it's not surprising that there seems, at least at face value, to be some similarities in that way. "There were certain things that I could read certain scenes and see how somebody would do the drawings on the page," Alexander said of comparisons to the comics.

There's a bit more, so check out the video embed below.