The Walking Dead: Terminus First Look Revealed


Spoiler Warning: This article contains what could be considered spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. However, the spoilers were revealed in an official AMC promo, so anyone watching television or checking out YouTube videos of the episode could know.

For a major part of the second half of Season 4, the biggest mystery on The Walking Dead has been exactly what is Terminus. During tonight’s "Us" episode of The Walking Dead, viewers will finally get their very first look at Terminus.

In an AMC promo airing in Spain (and possibly other countries), there is a shot of a group arriving at Terminus. At least from the outside, Terminus looks to consist of old, abandoned warehouses. On one of the most prominent warehouses, the windows have been boarded up, and Terminus has been spelled out in black paint across the front of the building.

There appears to be some type of wooden scaffolding construction on one side of the building. On the other side of the building is what appears to be part of another old warehouse.terminus-map-walking-dead

Based on earlier maps, Terminus appears to be located in Bibb County, Georgia and quite probably the city of Macon. However, it’s also possible that the maps shown in the world of The Walking Dead aren’t representative of what we know as current Georgia maps, and Terminus will wind up being in some other location entirely.

Check out the first brief glimpse of Terminus in the promo below.

Second Spoiler Warning: While the brief glimpse of Terminus might not be a huge spoiler, the people shown arriving reveal another spoiler. While only the backs of the individuals arriving are shown, it does appear to be a combination of Maggie’s group and Glenn’s group arriving together at Terminus.