Marc Guggenheim on Whether 'Legends of Tomorrow' Could Revisit Connor Hawke

DC's Legends of Tomorrow travel to the future of the year 2042 and pick up a new team member in this week's new episode of the series which is titled "Zari" -- but with a character coming from 2042, and John Diggle having taken on the mantle of Green Arrow in Arrow Season 6, could this all lead to a return of Connor Hawke, as played by Joseph David-Jones in the well-received Legends Season 1 episode "Star City 2046?"

Following a press screening of the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Zari," we asked Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim that very question.

"It would be awesome," Guggenheim admits. "That's totally a bucket list item for us. We've talked about eventually going back there and seeing it. There are still a couple of different ideas that we have related to that time period, but nothing [solid is planned]."

Part of the reason that such an episode is not currently planned is that there are so many other things on the Legends' agenda -- though it does leave the door open for the future.

"We say this on Arrow where we do 23 episodes, but it's especially true on Legends where we are only doing 18: you run through the real estate really, really fast, so we always end every year with stories that we didn't get a chance to do," Guggenheim said.

After "Zari," the Legends will see themselves in an Spielberg-inspired 1980's setting in which, like E.T.'s Elliot, a young Ray Palmer befriends an alien that happens to be a baby Dominator. The episode will include a dance number and "a Billy Joel album is used as a weapon."

After that, upcoming episodes include a ghostly Victorian London story, a Coen Brothers-like "Golden Age of Hollywood" romp, Helen of Troy... and even Vikings in an episode now filming, titled "Beebo, The God of War." Legends will also be approaching a "no-time-period episode" which is something the series has not been done before.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights on The CW.