Nintendo Selling Empty Splatoon 2 Bundle Box for $5


With the Nintendo Switch flying off of the shelves left and right and the excitement surrounding the upcoming Splatoon 2, pairing the two together in a neatly packaged bundle is a no-brainer. The two-in-one bundle burned through preorders quickly in Japan, selling out in no time at all.

However, for those players who weren't able to catch a preorder before they ran out, there's a much cheaper alternative that you can use to get your Splatoon 2 fix. To make up for the lack of bundles available, Nintendo is filling the void with an empty Splatoon 2 bundle box. That's right, just the box, Nintendo Switch and Splatoon 2 not included.

Currently available only in the Japanese My Nintendo Store, the empty Splatoon 2 box will only run you a measly 540 Yen, a price that equals out to roughly $5. When you think about how cheap that is, it actually doesn't seem like too bad of an idea to pick up one of the boxes for collectible reasons if nothing else.

As far as game boxes go, this one is actually a pretty appealing one to have sitting on a shelf among other gaming memorabilia. The vibrant pinks and greens that cover the outside of the box certainly add some color to a collection, especially when many console bundles are somewhat boring in regards to their packaging.

While the selling of a collectible box for Splatoon 2 sure is a unique idea, and it would likely make for a fun gift, it is still unknown exactly how much of the upcoming Splatoon 2 hardware will actually be available in North America. Splatoon 2's Nintendo Switch bundle mentioned previously and some flashy Joy-Con colors are set to be released in Europe and Japan with there being two color schemes for the controllers, one for each region. The controllers and a carrying case definitely look great, but it's unknown at this time whether or not they will be released in North America.

More updates on the Splatoon 2 hardware will be covered as they are announced.