The Xbox One X Is "Its Own Thing," Not Just an Upgrade, Says Microsoft Exec


Microsoft isn’t having too much trouble convincing gamers of the Xbox One X’s power, but to those who remain hesitant and consider the new console more of an upgrade or a half-step, Microsoft wants to be clear that it’s a standalone console and is “its own thing.”

Albert Penello, the senior director of Xbox console marketing, spoke to What’s Good Games recently about their upcoming Xbox One X and the power that it’s packing. During the interview, Penello was quizzed about where the Xbox One X falls in terms of the Xbox One and the base console’s upgrade, the Xbox One S.

“It’s its own thing,” Penello said. “It’s a new thing. That’s what I think is cool about it.”

Elaborating on his claim that it’s a an entirely new product and not just a step above the Xbox One S, Penello said the choices gamers have with consoles aren’t that different than when it comes down to choosing between any other products:

“If you step outside the console, people are faced with choice on literally everything in life. Why is there a 4 cylinder, a 6 cylinder, and an 8 cylinder if you’re a car guy? Why are there 2 washing machines? Why are there phones that are a different sizes? Most people figure out what their value is for what they want to spend. It’s only consoles that have lived in this very fixed, singular consumer electronics mode, and that’s why I don’t think it’s going to be as confusing for people as the industry is making it out to be. I think people will be able to figure out where they care about tech, where they are with price, and what is important to them with gaming.”

Some of the criticism levied against the Xbox One X has to do with it playing the same games as the Xbox One instead of having its own line of games. The compatibility keeps things simple for Xbox fans to keep their collection of games, but the lack of new games and exclusives might deter some who already have an Xbox One X.

However, as Microsoft has stated several times, they’re confident that those who want the most power out of their games will opt for the Xbox One X. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly has an audience.

The Xbox One X releases on Nov. 7.

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