Reaper Has a Hilarious Easter Egg Cameo in Destiny 2's Iron Banner

If you've been playing Destiny for a long time, and you're an Iron Banner devotee, then you've no doubt spent some quality time with Saladin Forge, the last of the Iron Lords. With the Iron Banner in full swing in Destiny 2, players are now hearing commentary from Lord Saladin instead of Shaxx when playing competitive matches, and Saladin has some hilarious one-liners for players with outstanding performances. One player discovered an incredible Overwatch Easter egg after completing the "We Ran Out of Medals" challenge, which requires players to score 25 kills without dying. Check it out:

You'll see it all play out at the 15-second mark. After shutting down a Warlock, the player (posting as "crissyronaldo92" on Reddit) earned his "We're Ran Out of Medals" achievement, and suddenly Lord Saladin is possessed by the spirit of Reaper. His lines have been transcribed for those of you who couldn't hear them clearly:

"DIE, DIE, DIE... (coughs) Sorry. I've been watching too many Iron Banner matches. What time is it? Shaxx? Shaxx, are you there? Can you get me a water? Stop yelling, it's just a question!"

That Easter egg solved a long-running mystery for many Destiny fans who had no idea that Saladin was voiced by the same actor who brings Reaper to life in Overwatch. Keith Ferguson lends his talent to both casts, and this cross-over is absolutely delightful. Activision is Activision-Blizzard, after all, so it's all in the family.

Various Reddit users chimed in after seeing this video to drop more shared-talent bombshells. Did you know that the shady exotics merchant Xur is voiced by the same man who voices Soldier 76? And your raid runners might have recognized that Calus sounds very eerily like Reinhardt.

We love stuff like this. Did you recognize Saladin as the voice of Reaper? It took us totally by surprise! Who else do you think would be a perfect fit in the world of Destiny?