Rogue One: Why the Darth Vader Bacta Tank Scene Was Included

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  1. Excerpt from my blog on this very topic:

    Darth Vader, as depicted in this movie, is a different character than the one in Star Wars. The Rogue One Vader is the Video Game Vader.  He’s completely one dimensional.  He’s exactly the way countless gamers would play as Vader if they were playing Star Wars Battlefront: use every force power possible, deflect laser blasts with the lightsaber, never pause to think, just keep moving toward the next goal or the next kill.

    The Vader we know and love is not like this.  He is much more of a thinker than a doer.  If Rogue One Vader was in Star Wars, he would never have let the Millennium Falcon out of the Death Star hanger.  He certainly would have used the force to hurl the ship against the hanger wall, or similarly hurl stormtrooper bodies at the heroes as they tried to get aboard.  He could have even disabled the ship’s engines with a well timed, force controlled lightsaber throw.  Instead, he doesn’t do much.  In fact, while everybody else on the Death Star is running around like chickens with their heads cut off over the escape of Princess Leia, he’s more concerned with finding Obi Wan Kenobi.  One would think, as single-minded as he was at the end of Rogue One, he’d be more concerned with getting those plans!

  2. There was some chatter from Disney that the Emperor had Vader's castle built on Mustafar to continually remind Vader of his failure against Obi-Wan. Vader's heart had nothing to do with that castle. It was all about making him stronger by cultivating his anger and hatred. Sith-level motivation.

  3. In answer to the first post above.... Vader purposely let the Falcon go.  He wanted Kenobi dead, but also wanted the rebel's base location. Tarkin says, "I'm taking an awful risk Vader, this had better work."  The risk was Vader not quickly stopping Leia when he apparently could have, either personally or with more troops guarding the Falcon or sent to attack, etc.

    The truly difficult thing to explain is why Leia then took the ridiculous chance of going directly to the base, knowing Vader was tracking them and would quickly arrive to kill them all, and almost did.

  4. Vader allowed them to escape the Death Star in ANH. It was the only way the Empire could track them back to the hidden Rebel base

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