Exclusive: Guy Ritchie's King Arthur Planned as the First of Six Movies, Other Details Revealed

Warning: Spoilers ahead, obviously, for a film that hasn't been released yet.

Guy Ritchie's upcoming King Arthur film for Warner Bros. will begin with Arthur unaware of his destiny, living with as a fisherman named William, sources close to the production have revealed to ComicBook.com.

First and most dizzying, King Arthur is the first of six proposed films, and he wouldn't ascend to knighthood until the end of the first movie, the second film kicking off with Arthur leading Camelot.

The character, who was adopted by fishermen at a young age, will also sport a shaved head and a beard in the early stages of the film. It's after an abduction that he comes to the realization that he is the true King, and the film is the story of his journey to reclaim the throne.

There are some familiar faces set to appear in the film, as Arthur will meet and fall in love with Guinevere (whether that's before or after she knows he's the King wasn't clear) and Uther Pendragon, Arthur's father, will play a role as well.

Pendragon will kill the Shadow King at the start of the film, only to in turn be killed by Vortigern, who steals the throne and spends the movie trying to kill the rightful heir. It's Vortigern with whom Arthur will have his final showdown. Along the way, he'll form an alliance with Vortigern's closest ally, Bedivere, who will train Arthur in the skills he needs to rebel against his uncle. Bedivere will be older in the film, a mentor figure probably in his late '60s.

Other notable players include Kay, the adoptive brother who turns on Arthur when their parents are killed; Catigern, the disabled son of Vortigern; and Kjartan, a Viking leader who has an alliance with the villains.